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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Its 1.57am and i'm updating my blog!giler gak la, xpernah aku buat..tp da nak wat camne..da terasa nak update blog..xkesah pon xde orang bace..haha
Once a loner, always a loner..Aku pernah hidup sorang2 dulu, and i can do it again..I don't need anybody in my life, coz i've always make em sad and disappointed..so what's the point?I'm fine by myself..
Surrounded by such friends sometimes makes me feels lucky to have them, but sometimes makes me wanna o back being the lone wolf i am..i don't belong in any pack...
today, a good friend of mine say that she hates me and it struck me in the heart..well, i know she's sad and if she wanted somebody to blame and to hate, i'd be willing to be that person..as long as she's happy..
yeah, i'm just a punching bag and i don't mind..i'm used to..
then there's this other person...
i like her and she's my best friend..and she consider me as her best friend to..but i can't shake this feeling that i like her more than that..sometime i wonder why did i can shake my feelings with my past crushes but not her?She friendzoned me and i'm beginning to accept it..but still can't shake this feeling..probably need some time i guess...
Then there's another person..she said she likes me and even love me, but i don't know if i can respond to her feelings..i don't wanna hurt her..we're so far apart and i'm scared of a long distance relationship..i don't know if i'll be loyal or if she'll be loyal..if i'm the one whose not loyal, i would break her heart and that's the last thing i wanna do..i don't know what i should do..
life is complicated as it can be right now..with other problems..*sigh*

My existence is of no importance to the world..wish i'd just disappear and nobody would miss me..

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  1. KechikumA says:

    Everyone have their own reason for their existence.
    No such things as no importance to the world.

  2. maybe you shouldn't commit to anyone rite now...
    have some time for yourself

  3. who's the first person that you talking about? Ada something or problem yg kau xnak share ngan aku ke? :)

  4. DARKNOUR says:

    wah smartnya header.
    *sori komen xde kaitan dengan entri. hehe

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