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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I just don't get some people..why are they so proud telling the whole world that they have / had / are committed / committing a sin? Why are you so proud? I know I'm not really a religious guy but do you want to tell the whole world that you are going to hell? What's that all about?

You're only like a kid and you are so proud that you have had sex? WTF??? Is it like a cool thing for a 14 year old to be doing that sort of thing? If you do it then you don't tell people, then it's none of anybody's business..but you put it in your blog sounding so proud of yourself because you have had sex? Again, WTF????

Yeah, so are so proud right now saying that but wait till you got pregnant.. You're so call "true love", "the love of you life", "honney bunney" or what shit will surely leave you and what do you get? What can you be proud of anymore? Then you're gonna get abortion, surely not the right way...and you gonna write that in your blog? Eh? No? Why not? Are you not proud of having a bastard child and having an abortion? So why are you so proud telling the world that you have had sex?Tell the whole world la!

Someone once told me that sex is called "making baby".. SO WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE SEX BUT NOT WANT THE BABY??? Poor kid, so cute and innocent yet they are left in the dumpster... You people should just kill yourself...of course that kid is gonna go to heaven but it pains the child because you are gonna get burn in hell... even though the child didn't know you in the world, s/he still loves you, you know...think about the child, not just your own damn pleasure!

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  1. haha
    i've put a post about this too
    yesterday, i think
    people r smtms funny, rite

  2. yeah..i read that..
    hot topic nowadays..haha
    but we're people too, aren't we?

  3. totally rite, bro

  4. btw,
    the job isnt really available
    its like once a month or 2

  5. erm..is that so..
    i wanna ask to share with u but i guess i can't aite..its your job..

  6. its not that
    i dont mind at all...
    but rite, now...really ave nothing to translate
    i just finished my last work 2 days ago...
    but you could try contacting some of our local radio or tv programs
    coz, my uncle work for them
    he made some translation 4 tv3 and such

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