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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

These are some of the many questions about me that if I ask my parents, I doubt that they will be able to answer them correctly...Even if it were correct, it would be correct 11 years back maybe...

Lets play this game shall we? If any of you can answer any of the questions, please do...

"What am i doing right now?"
"What is my height?"
"What is my current weight?"
"What is my blood type?"
"What is my name in Fb and blog?"
"What is my favorite color?"
"What is my favorite food?"
"What is my favorite drink?"
"What sports do I like to play?"
"Can I play sports?"
"What is my diploma?"
"Name either one of my friends from high school until diploma"
"Name my past girlfriend"
"Name at least one of my crushes"
"Where my friends are from?"
"What do i like?"
"What do i hate?"
"What makes me angry?"
"What makes me annoyed?"
"What makes me sad?"
"What makes me laugh?"
"What makes me cry?"
"Who is my idol?"
"Where I am right now and where i wish i am?"
"What's on my mind?"
"What do i want?"
"What is my passion?"
"What am i interested in?"
"What am i capable of?"
"What animals do i like?"
"What animals do i hate?"
"What scares me?"
"What do i love?"
"What makes me tick?"
"What is my favorite show?"
"What kind of girl do i like?"
"What did i do when i'm at school?"
"What did i do when i'm at the university?"
"Do i need a topup for my prepaid?"
"Do i have topup?"
"Do i need my laptop fixed?"
"What sports do i watch?"
"Do i watch sports at all?"
"What tv program that i like?"
"Do i watch tv at all?"
"When was the last time i watch tv?"
"Do i want to be here?"
"Do i like being here?"
"Do i have a girlfriend right now?"
"Do i have somebody i'm interested in right now?"
"What am i doing in my room?"
"Does i have a future plan?"
"Does my plan worked out so far?"
"What is my long term goal?"
"Who is my favorite artist?"
"What is my favorite song?"
"Can i sing?"
"Can i dance?"
"Can i cook?"
"Can i bake?"
"Can i took care of a pet?"
"What sports do i want to play?"
"Do u know how i feel being in this prison unable to do anything or go anywhere where i want????"
I'm not expecting u to know all of this about me because i never told u...
But u don't even care enough to ask anything...

so... that's enough....

if my dumfak little bro ask these questions to them, they can surely answers them without any difficulties... he's the favorite son, even though he's a dumfak muthafucka dumass fuckin retad...

P/s: try and ask your parents if they can answer these questions...if they can, they care bout u enough to know...

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  1. emo nye dia...

    i guess, its just same as me..my parents wouldnt answer all that questions correctly..

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