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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What is Inferiority Complex? Well...u can read it here in my other blog, I'm too lazy to repost --> Inferiority Complex

So..what does IC has to do with me? Well. its not really a disease...its more like a feeling or maybe psychological problem..IC is a feeling of inferiority towards other people,always looking at oneself as inferior to others...that's what IC is..

So yes..I often compare myself to others and find myself not as good looking as they are, not as well build like they are, not as smart as they are, not as a leader as they are, not as cool as they are and other things..There are 2 effects of having IC, one is good and one is bad..

First, u will try harder to overcome that feeling by improving yourself and trying the best you can do.. For example, if I feel like I'm not good enough in basketball, I'll train harder than anyone else, coming to practice earlier than anyone else, taking extra time to practice and doing some other stuff that will improve my play..

The other effect of IC is depression.. Some people feel depress when they feel inferior to other people... And we all know that depression can be...well...depressing.. And depression can lead to other bad things like doing something stupid or careless or reckless and ultimately maybe suicide...

So how does IC affected me? I'd say in both ways... I do feel wanting to improve myself and I do feel depress... U know like how in Facebook that people will always update their status bout what's going on in their life? Well, I do read their status' sometimes and I feel like they are having a getter life than me.. Most of them are my friends of course...Some of them have married, some are getting married, some have had an engagement, some have a job and a pay, some are doing something nice for themselves, some are going to places that I can only dare to dream, some have just bought new things, some receive a surprise presents, some are having a fun time with their love one and other things... It makes me things what am I here for? Just sitting around all day doing nothing waiting for something that might come or might not come? That's pretty lame and pathetic for a 22 year old guy with good health and complete body parts and a well mind... I can't even have a temporary job during the holiday..That sucks...like really sucks...

So u see, r maybe u can't see...but whatever.. I don't expect anybody to understand me... Coz I'm just useless sorry excuse for a human being who has nothing to do except eat, sleep and poop..Better be a cat..at least if I'm a cat I can be cute and adorable even though I just eat and poop and play and sleep all day...*sigh*

Its the IC talking....   

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