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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Woke up to a good start today..

Hopefully everything goes well...

Gonna have a conference call with my boss in a while..

Discussion current development and next task in hand..

Hopefully be able to complete the task in time...

Owh..if u r curious, i'm working part time developing website..

That's all i'm allowed to say..haha..

Well, hope the rest of the day goes well..

On to a different matter..

Trying to lose some weight and shaping up my body..

Need to get rid of those extra kilos i had gained in 1st semester..

Need to shape it up...

1 month is not enough to see the results...but need to work out and eat less..

Please give me strength...

Can't seems to really control my eating habits..

I've been caffeine free for about a week now..hopefully can continue this..

Haaaa....lots of things to accomplish in this holiday...

Hope can do it all..

There's a lot of hoping right?haha..

p/s: Selamat bercuti awak..awak rehat la elok2 kat rumah tu ye...penat bertungkus lumus sepanjang 1 sem ni kan...

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