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Friday, June 3, 2011

What are my life's principles? There are a few principles that I hold on in my life...below are a few principles that I can think of...

"Ignorance is bliss, curiosity kills"

"I can be your best friend of your worst enemy, I can be your angel or devil, its your choice"

"Puts others first before myself"

"It's okay if I am not happy, as long as others are"

"If you are good to me, I will be good to you. If you do shit with me, expect serious payback"

"Unless I like you, even you do shit to me, I'll still be good to you"

"Unless i hate you, no matter how good you are to me, I'll still treat you badly"

"I am who you want me to be"

"I am a man of ideas..good, bad, excellent, diabolical, ingenious, brilliant, and many more"

"If i like you today, I may not hate you tomorrow. If I hate you today, I will hate you forever"

"I don't hate people easily, usually just annoyed or irritated. But once I hate you, you can never go back"

"Everybody lies"

"I don't love easily, but I do care easily"

"Manga and anime teaches me about life"

"It's okay if other people burdens me, just don't be a burden to other people"

Hurm..I guess that's all I can think of right now...Guess I'll tell you more some other time..

My thanks to those who are following this crappy blog...Hope you follow it because you like it, not because of anything else, okay? If you don't like this blog, feel free to unfollow...

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