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Friday, June 3, 2011

Hey, there's gonna be a Family Day tomorrow for my family! I am soooooo excited..NOT! You wanna know why? This is not a family day for just my family, its a big family day... So all the family members from all over Msia is gonna come.. And guess what? I just know bout it TONIGHT!! What kind of family that didn't tell a family member that there is gonna be a family day?

My mum was like, "Esok ade family day, pakai baju ni". Then she handed me a T-shirt and rushes out of my room with the speed of light. I was on my awesome new headphone and I was like, "Huh? Erm..", which basically means yeah, whatever...

So guess what I'm gonna do at the family day tomorrow? I'm just gonna go and not caring bout anything else and  just doing my thing, like I used to.. Obviously they didn't want me there because of the last minute "invitation".. So I'm just gonna be an ignorant bastard like I am and not caring for anything...

Obviously they didn't want me there..or I'm just not important enough to be there and I was asked to go in the name of "family"..either way is fine by me..I don't care...

So, I'm really looking forward to this Family Day! Its gonna be AWESOME!!!(this is a sarcasm, I'm being a sarcastic bastard)

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  1. wow..i'm jealous with u..he2..i always wanted to join annual family day which i miss every year,but i cannot..i'm away from home most of the time..anyway,enjoy ur day..-p

  2. i'll surely wont enjoy it..haha

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